About Dr. Myeongae "Mimi" Kang
Dr. Myeongae Mimi Kang Kang Eastern Medicine
   Dr. Kang is a California Board certificated acupuncturist specialized in women’s health, fertility treatment and neurology.  She earned her first Chinese medicine degree from the Tokyo Health and Science University in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan and completed a residency in neurology at the Tian Jin Chinese Medical University in Tian Jin, China. She received numerous research awards and Best Intern awards during her residency.
   She returned to the U.S to continue her studies at Dongguk University in Los Angles.  She  received her Oriental Medical Doctor Degree (D.A.O.M) at Yosan University in Los Angles, specializing in women’s health and fertility treatment.
   Dr. Kang’s love for helping people can be seen in her attention to your health and her treatment success. You will receive special attention and care during each and every visit. Her holistic approach to treatment combine acupuncture and personally tailored and formulated herbal medicine. Her unique gift to scan the body for blocked body energy (Qi in Chinese) allows for more efficient and accurate treatment.
   Dr. Kang specializes in fertility treatment and women’s health,  Neurological problems including stroke and facial paralysis.  She also treats colds and allergies, aches and pain management, digestive ailments, and general health issues.
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